Pull-up Banners

Pull up banners are a convenient way to take your business advertising with you on the move!

Take a pull up banner with you to client meetings, workshops, exhibitions or shows.

Available as single or double sided, in lightweight or heavyweight base cassettes and at several different widths to suit your requirements. They roll down into the base cassette and pack away into a carry bag with handle for easy transportation.

Graphic panels can be designed and produced quickly to your specific requirements.

If you want something to provide more impact for a backdrop to your reception area or at an exhibition then a pop up display system of 3 or 4 panels with wrap round end modules may be more suitable. These also pack down into an easy to transport ‘drum on wheels’ which can also double up to become a display plinth once unpacked.

Please get in touch with me for more information and to let me help you design your ‘on the move’ advertising solutions…


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