SMS Web Pages – new cost effective marketing tool

So you are all probably very familiar with SMS and what is is right?  

Well not only can I host your SMS marketing campaigns I can now also be more creative with your marketing by sending SMS Web Pages for you too at hardly any further cost.

Instead of just sending your customers a standard SMS text message, which undoubtedly can get your message across but is limiting on appearance, I can now make your campaigns more exciting by adding in images, along with a very important call to action button!

It’s a bit like a Mailchimp or other newsletters/mailshots that you send electronically to email addresses but this one works solely to mobile phone numbers to catch your audience whilst they are on the move via their mobile phones, i-pads, Kindles or tablets. It is also fully responsive to adjust how it formats itself to accommodate whichever electronic device your customer is viewing it on.

In a busy life many of us carry these mobile gadgets with us as part of our daily routine, whereas often emails are only accessed via laptops or desk top computers in the morning or evening, either side of our workday routine. If an email pops up whilst we are out and about, we generally have a quick glance to see who it is from, but it is far too easy to just swipe and delete without looking at the email properly if it is not completely mobile friendly.

This new SMS Web Page service eliminates all this and your customer clicks and views it straight away as part of the text message, call to action buttons can also be included to get interaction with your clients straight away.

Would you like more information?

Please email me or call me direct on 07904 640562 for further information and pricing options.

 SMS service milton keynes

I am currently offering 20% off any campaigns that are initiated and sent out before the end of January 2018.

What are you waiting for, why not give it a go…




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